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Writing Historicals: Balancing Fact and Fiction

  • 18 Sep 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Zoom




Writing Historicals: Balancing Fact and Fiction

This workshop will examine some of the expectations of readers of historical fiction, and discuss how much history and how much fiction might go into a historical novel, as well as some techniques for researching the period and the setting for a story.

For some hands-on work, Louise will critique a few short manuscripts of 500-1000 words. 

This workshop will consist of approximately 30 minutes of lecture, followed by 1 hour of manuscript critiques and a short Q&A after to wrap up any lingering questions.

Louisa Morgan writes historical and mainstream novels. As Louise Marley, she is an award-winning writer of fantasy and science fiction. Since her first published novel in 1995, she's successfully written and published many books in multiple genres.  Among other awards, Louise has been the recipient of the Endeavor Award, a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book written by a Pacific Northwest author or authors and published in the previous year, three times and the short list in 2000. As recently as 2020, her novel The Witches Kind, shared the Endeavour Award with Matthew Hughes' novel, What the Wind Brings.

You can learn more about Louise's phenomenally successful career as a classically trained vocalist and writer at: https://www.louisemarley.com/

Rules for Submission:

  • 1.      500-1,000 words, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • 2.      Send as a Word document attached to email
  • 3.      Subject line: WOTR SUMMER 2021
  • 4.      Email to: write2unpack@gmail.com

Submissions will be stripped of identifying information and emailed as a whole to all registered attendees for review prior to the workshop. Presenter will read submissions in random order, and as time allows.

A few scholarships are available. Please email Melissa, the workshop organizer, at write2unpack@gmail.com to request. Please indicate your city and state.

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